The Foxes Go Marching to Their Den. Hoorah!

It was so nice to be back in warmer temperatures! We spent a lot of our day hiking up.up.up, stomping through the forest like foxes and pulling and chasing our sled. We were rewarded with “snow bunnies”and “rabbit stew” when we returned. We ended our day in the icehouse where we read “The Mitten” again! The children helped sequence the animals that came to the mitten aloud and we discussed the different sizes of animals using biggest and smallest language. Have a great “warm” weekend!


Rainbow and Frog work together to push the sled up the hill of awesomeness. They got the sled all the way to base camp! Great teamwork!


Everyone explored ice mountain differently today. We slid down the ice wall, climbed and collected ice balls and dropped our body down on the snowy earth for snow angels!