The Miraculous Journey of the Fervid Foxes

The journey of our sled from drop off to base camp has become a story of teamwork, perseverance and thoughtful methodical thinking. Usually there are two kids pulling and steering in the front and three kids as the motor pushing from the back. The children have to negotiate what role they’ll take and together find their way to base camp. This involves lots of uphill, downhill and the sled as well as the children fitting between trees. Their determination is miraculous and inspiring! This task involves lots of communication. “Point the sled up,” “Push from the back,” “We are going down, careful.” Not only are they physical exerting, and mentally planning during their voyage, there is laughter and cheers echoing throughout the forest. The fervid foxes!!! 


We said goodbye to T this week as he moves on and next week we will welcome another student. She is in the Monday/Wednesday morning class and will now be part of the foxes. We are excited!! 


Enjoy this beautiful weather!!


Fox tails made with spruce (my recycled Christmas tree) and string. 


The beginnings of the sled journey.


jThe harrowing journey up the “Hill of Awesomeness.”​​


Saying goodbye to T as he moves on to a full time preschool.