Chicken, Eggs and Mud!

We took a walking trip to Bassetts Creek to visit the chickens in a neighbors yard and explore the area. There was about 9 chickens and 1 rooster there. The children were so mesmerized !!The rooster was loud and was “cockle doodle, “ most of the time which startled the kids and made them laugh. After some time deep in observation, the owner Barb came out and answered some of our questions.She brought out the different sizes and colors of the eggs the chickens had laid. We even got to peek in the coop to see and hold a newly hatched egg which was still quite warm. A recurring question was “when will the eggs hatch and turn into babies? “ Barb shared how the eggs need to be sat on by the chickens for 21 days before they can be chicks. Another interesting thing was learning the surrounding predators that try and eat the chickens, One being a fox! 

It was quite the memorable adventure!


Mud art using mud paint (mud and watercolors) and brushes (sticks, spruce and pine boughs)! 


Barb brought out an egg carton full of the eggs from the various chickens. Some were colored blue, green and brown and ranging in size from tiny to extra large. 


Balancing and mud play down by the creek!