Building Bridges

We started our week with snow and ice covering the ground. The run-off area behind the snow mound turned to a thin layer of ice and the only way across without falling through to shallow water was to build a bridge. We found two long sticks to place across the ice which turned out to be a little unstable to walk on so together we found sticks to place across the two big sticks. Our bridge began construction on Tuesday with the kids testing their bridge periodically to see if adjustments needed to be made. 


“It’s slippery, it’s rocky, it’s wobbling,” were words that were used to describe the bridge.


They figured out that the closer the sticks were together the more weight it could hold. When we returned Thursday to our building site, we noticed the run off had melted and turned to water. Rainbow and Frog with help from L completed the bridge working hard to gather the right size sticks factoring in length and width. Each child try walking across and was met with success!!


Happy Spring!


Jellyfish tests the two big logs that we brought over to rest over the ice.


Jellyfish and Frog work together to bring over more logs for the bridge. 


Ardvark, L and jellyfish use shovels to break the ice and scoop it up!


Journaling at Moss Garden! The children have enjoyed the return of journaling as the weather has warmed up.