It's a Beautiful Life 

The kids are really starting to bond and coalesce especially this week! Lots of new friendships and connections sprouting along with the change of seasons! You can feel the fresh new energy emerging! Buds are beginning to show and we have the return of the ducks and geese on the pond. Each time a goose lands, we are fascinated to watch how it glides across the water. Every time a duck eats, we laugh as we see it’s feet and backside pointing up in the water. 


A highlight this week was spending time at the pond and with the recent cooler temperatures the kids observed and proceeded to crack the ice that formed. Looking for the right stick to crack the ice, meant finding something long and just thick enough, the kids decided.  The children traversed the edge of a quarter of the pond cracking the ice and even crawled on logs to get to hard to reach places! The experience was full of wonder, curiosity and imaginative play that truly captures this group!


New songs this week:


“Spring is coming,” said the bumblebee 

“How do you know?” Said the old oak tree.

“I saw a yellow daffodil dancing with the fairies on the windy hill.”



Spring is coming, spring is coming! 

Birdies build their nest 

weave together straw and feather each is doing their best spring is coming and spring is coming!

flowers are coming through daisies Lillys daffodillies all are coming too! 


Happy spring and vacation to you all!