Springs Greens and Wildflowers!

The magic of observing little plants popping up throughout our forest has captivated us. We spent the early part of the week hunting for anything green we found in the forest and collecting the objects. Moss, leaves, seeds, sprouts were all part of our early spring collection. At our camp, we used our collection  as inspiration as we mixed primary colors (blue and yellow) and white to make various greens. We all became “Green Queens” by the end of the day. 

To end the week, we visited the Eloise Butler Wildflower garden on opening day. We observed bloodroot, trout lilies, and coffee bean pods. It was so great to see how many flowers are budding and opening right now! We will look forward to going back in the coming weeks to see how it continues to evolve! 

A new song this week:

“We are marching 

We are loving

We are moving this world forward

We are caring for our earth

We will stand up for each other.”



Have a beautiful weekend all. Sending you all love and strength!


Mouse collecting seed pods. 


The children mixing paints! 


The children used the green paints they made to create art! 


Walking the trail!