Earth Day!

We had such a beautiful day yesterday at nature school! We spent most of the morning talking about how the earth provides everything we have and use. The kids kept thinking of objects, 

“What about my rain paints, and how about carnivals?” asked Frog.

“What about my socks?” exclaimed Jellyfish. 

“What about our tea cups?” Mouse wondered. 

“Cheez-its?” Pondered Rainbow thoughtfully as we snacked on them.


It was a mind blowing conversation to say the least!  And YES, it all comes from our dear earth! 


We also honored the earth by making earth art out of natural materials! They each took so much care and love when working on this gift! 


The foxes working on earth art!

We also mixed together blessing herbs to offer and give to the forest as a thank you. Our blessing herb mix was made out of cornmeal, lavender, rose, calendula, and peppermint. When the child saw a plant, tree, animal or waterbody they sprinkled their blessing herbs and said thank you! It was such a wonderful way to thank the earth for all that she gives and continue to create this cyclical partnership. 

Frog sprinkles some blessing herbs on the plant! 


We ended the day with flower  tattoos as way to celebrate the earth’s beauty!