Tree Climbing and Dandelions!

We enjoyed the warmer weather this week by spending our days tree climbing at Bassett’s creek and celebrating May Day with lots of wild flowers in the courtyard of the school. 


Tree climbing was a theme as on our way to the creek we became attracted to a bunch of willow trees and a small spruce and climbed, swung and found little areas to sit inside the tree. Tree climbing takes develops children’s muscle strength, hand and eye coordination, and the ability to assess their own physical abilities. They all went up as high as they felt comfortable and navigated safely down. What a strong and confident group of girls! 


On Thursday, we explored our lovely dandelion flower by making crowns and jewelry and even explored the yellow pigment by doing face paint with the dandelion flowers. We made bouquets of dandelion and ground ivy to give to the other classes in celebration of May Day. Some even felt excited to taste the wildflowers. Ground ivy was a hit and dandelion was a bit sour! We ended the day dancing around a fashioned maypole using rainbow scarves. It was a beautiful celebration of the warmer weather, and abundance to come!