Dandelion Pops, Foraged Salads, and Mother’s Day Art!

We’ve been experimenting a lot with the edible weeds that grow in our fields (dandelions, and violets) and the plants that survive under the tree cover in the forest (nettles and garlic mustard). Rainbow harvested dandelions, violets, ground ivy and a little garlic mustard for her birthday snack on Tuesday! All the kids tried the salad and a few wanted more!!! Frog ate her dandelion like a lollipop, Aardvark liked her garlic mustard plain and Mouse experimented by adding violets and garlic mustard to our cheese and cracker snack. What adventurous eaters we have and resourceful! 

In lieu of Mother’s Day, inspired by Vicki Rawlins a floral artist, the children created beautiful self portraits using pencil and then natural materials glued on top. They all were so beautifully unique and something to be treasured! 


Jellyfish’s self portrait! 

Rainbow making the wild harvested salad!

We are just loving spring and the sounds of the peepers coming off the pond, the wildflowers blooming, the forest filling in with green and watching the return of the birds! 

Screen Shot 2021-05-10 at 9.28.53 AM.png

Journal time by the pond listening for the peepers!