Pine Forest and Wildflowers!

We spent some time this week, steeped in imaginative play and meeting a bunch of new plants that popped up in the in the pine forest as well as at the wildflower gardens.


At the pine forest, the children were very engaged in their imagination this week and spent the entirety of the day playing “family” in the pine fort (we were very excited to see sticks and pine boughs were added to the roof of the fort)! This play seems to mimic their everyday life and routines which is such an important part of expression and processing the world around them .This group plays all together and does well including others ideas. 


An exciting new plant popped up in the pine forest, Jack the Pulpit. We took some time observing this plant and the other plants around. In the wildflower garden, the trillium was the show stopper as we gawked at the swatches of purples, whites and gray trillium flowers we observed! 



The hay mountain we discovered and jumped from!! 


“Night time” in the wildflower garden!