Muddy Muddy Mud Mud

The wet rainy day at nature school turned into a celebration of the senses!


We found a mud pit and rolled, danced and painted our bodies and hands! Aardvark made up a mud dance and song, “Muddy Muddy this is so much fun-y”, and her friends joined in. Frog shared, “Now I can’t see anyone’s patterns on their boots.” We completely embraced this spontaneity and the spirit of the oozy mud! 

Afterwards, we found a flooded area and rinsed off a bit! We then proceeded to walk down the flooded path.

Jellyfish exclaimed, “It’s getting deeper as we keep walking.”

Ardvark shouted, “Now, it’s getting shallow.”


To end the day, we planted some native plants in our base camp. It was challenging for the kids to dig a hole in the dirt as we came across little roots in the soil. Rainbow and Lizard discovered a big root and were trying to break it. 

Rainbow exclaimed, “We’ll just follow the root with our hands to try and break it.”


Lizard shared, “Teacher, this is so hard, can you get your cutters ?” 


Ultimately, we found a new spot for planting and let the strong root alone. We planted sedge and bee balm in the earth !