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Seed Starting

What you'll need:


-Seed packets (you can use seeds saved from past seasons, buy new at the grocery store or try harvesting from fresh vegetables)

-Egg cartons, recycled food containers

-Paper clip or small knife

-Potting soil


-Watering can or spray bottle

-Sunshine or a grow lamp



  1. Poke drainage holes into the bottom of your planting container with a paper clip or small knife.

  2. Fill containers with potting soil.

  3. Use a pencil to create a small hole in your soil, check packet directions for desired depth. 

  4. Add one seed per hole.

  5. Water lightly so as to not wash out your seeds.

  6. Place in a sunny spot or under a grow lamp. 

  7. Water daily.

  8. Make sure to keep chickens away from your baby seedlings!

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