Hi, my name is Teacher Sharon! After years of exploring with children as a naturalist, an early childhood garden educator and an early childhood STEM educator, I am beyond excited to have the privilege of guiding your children through seasons of adventure, play, investigation, and wonder in the woods of Minneapolis Nature Preschool. 


Our flock of six “birds” will begin each day’s adventures at our base camp, The Nest, where the children will help set the day’s agenda. We may follow up on questions or projects from the previous day or come up with new wonderings. I’m sure your children have abundant curiosity and enthusiasm which will guide us to what we need to learn next about ourselves, each other, and our world. 


My family has created many beautiful memories in nature that have nurtured and supported us, and sometimes challenged us or made us laugh! I can’t wait to begin creating memories with your children that will hopefully nurture and support them in their learning and growth, and in their love of the natural world to which we all belong.

Our Class






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Every child at Minneapolis Nature Preschool has a letter link, which is a symbol that corresponds to the beginning letter and sound of the child's name. Children have a natural attachment to their own names, so letter links provide a way to introduce letter names and sounds in a way that is meaningful to children. We use letter links to label children's journals and other belongings, as well as to inspire enriching and engaging literacy activities!