The Adventure Begins!

There has been lots of teamwork and negotiation, very vivid collaborative imaginative play, and new friendships developing. We are still settling into routines, solidifying expectations for safety and kindness, and just beginning to tap into all the amazing things we might be capable of as a group!

Caterpillar, chief engineer, loves to pull the "train."

Moon volunteers to hold the dead baby snapper found in the parking lot. "Maybe somebody stepped on it? Or maybe a car squished it." Ant and Icicle later bury it and decorate its grave at the Nest.

Day 1: The whole crew! Some feel very at home in the trees, while Moon and Agouti are sizing things up.

Snowflake found a live baby snapper! Ant and Snowflake had to negotiate who would carry it to the pond as they both really wanted to.

Agouti is doing construction work on the tree (not visible is the cone he set out for safety).