Exploring Our World and Who We Are

Our group is busy building relationships to different places within the forest, creating vividly imagined scenarios and experimenting with many different roles and tasks. Some of our friends have very strong bonds with each other and others are new to the group, so we are also exploring how to include and work with friends old and new.  

Ant and Agouti share a joke while discussing downtown Minneapolis (aka Gotham) during a break from bridge building.

Moon and Caterpillar use our new magnifiers to examine fungus and rotting logs.

One project that we spent quite a bit of time on is building a bridge over the log on the path to the Nest. We tried digging a tunnel and sawing through the log, but eventually moved on to bridge building. Various jobs included chopping wood from dead buckthorn, breaking smaller sticks, and loosening soil that might be needed. After much work, we were able to test our bridge! It does make it easier to get the wagon through, but it tends to fall apart. We are hoping that Icicle and Snowflake can help us problem solve next week!

Moon has joined Caterpillar, Ant, and Agouti in their work to help fix the robot in the tree who seems to have difficulty with its battery panel. Caterpillar also discovers several tiny snail shells and Agouti makes chocolate.