Beavers, Boxelder Bugs, and Brr!

B became a theme this week! We had morning meeting for the length of one beaver breath (15 minutes), then built a beaver lodge in the creek and slapped our tails as warnings about danger. Moon noticed, "Brr doesn't just mean cold. It means burr that sticks to us too!" Boxelder bugs on the playground inspired us to become entomologists, and some amazing scientific observation and note taking took place. 

Snowflake draws a shelter from the rain for the boxelder bugs.

Ant and Icicle use magnifiers and take notes on boxelder bug anatomy.

Icicle and Caterpillar build the beaver lodge while Ant gathers bark for food and Moon and Snowflake gather stringy roots to build with.

Moon and Caterpillar enjoy sliding down the woodchip pile and wonder whether they are stirring up steam or dust.