Exploring our Range

This week we explored a range of activities, from big body movements to fine motor activities, excitement and silliness to calmness, and a range of places, both new and familiar. Familiar favorites include the Robot Tree, the Thumb Tree, the Coffee Log, and the Washing Machine. Newly discovered favorites include the Anwatin garden where the bat cave model is being built, and the beautiful valley near the wildflower garden. We spent quiet time with clay, oil pastels, our Look Kits, and collage materials and very active time with leaf piles, moving like animals across the field, and leaping in the sand. It was a beautiful week!

We learned to identify wild grapes and enjoyed picking and eating them for snack! 

Agouti, Moon, and Ant rake a leaf pile that becomes the cheetah den, and they take turns hiding from danger in the leaves.

Moon and Caterpillar hike through the big valley.

Ant takes their turn leaping over the backpack!

We found a gray treefrog in the garden. Moon found a safe place to release it.