Weather and Whittling

What a week of weather! Each day our weather reporter takes the temperature, describes the sky and clouds, and uses a wind chart to estimate the wind speed:


Agouti: "There are no clouds in the sky at all. That's very unusual weather."

Moon: "The clouds are puffy and the puffs get closer together over there."

Caterpillar: "I want to take the temperature of this piece of ice."

Ant: "The sky is grey and gloomy. I think it's going to rain." 

Snowflake: "But [in winter] we won't be able to see if the leaves are rustling because there won't be any left." (The wind chart says to observe whether the leaves are rustling)

Doctors Snowflake and Moon tend to Caterpillar.

Icicle and Ant work at the Whittling Shop: "We're making toys for all the girls and boys. We need to get that fire burning like a cheetah!"

Sampling a snowy log.