Week 8

A number of themes were woven through this beautiful week, including collaborative work to prepare food and supplies for a coming flood, and building and painting projects. We spent time talking about feelings--how we feel when someone invites us to play or doesn't listen to us. And we had two special guests, a false map turtle and a corn snake. All in all a great end to our fall session!

Moon and Snowflake examine a dead fox sparrow. Moon: "Should we look inside its beak?" Snowflake: "Its feathers look like a pinecone to help it hide."

We meet Webber the turtle, touch his shell, and watch him eat. He eats peas like us! But today he prefers worms.

Icicle adds another stick to an intricately built laser he worked on with Ant and Caterpillar. Caterpillar: "We're oiling it so it won't squeak."

Agouti, Snowflake, and Moon paint their office. Agouti: "I made green with yellow and blue!"