Working Together

What a full first week of Welcoming Winter Camp! We are quickly settling into the new winter routines, and enjoying lots of collaborative work. 


Daily hikes took us past the frozen pond. What did we observe? Ant: "Duck food!" (patches of duck weed) Agouti: "But it's not safe for people because there's water by the log."

Caterpillar's dad showed us his chainsaw and we got to touch the teeth! Later we rolled big stumps into the nature playground.

The whole group is hard at work at the robot tree, cutting pine needles, measuring, taking the temperature and doing repair work.

Sticks were used to test the ice and mud. Throwing them across the ice is also fun!

At the candy shop, Icicle, Ant, and Agouti make the wood chips into cookies, Butterfingers, and other tasty treats!

Caterpillar and Snowflake team up to haul woodchips.