Week 4

Much work and collaboration goes into the many creations of forts, tools, and delicious foods, and when nature or other kids visiting the forest make changes to them, some anger understandably arises. It can be hard to accept that the forest is a shared place. The forest has a lot to teach us about sharing and change.


We looked at a book of Andy Goldsworthy's nature art and the whole group was transfixed, studying page after page of images, asking what materials he used and how he put things together using only tools he found in nature. Icicle, Ant, and Snowflake immediately began creating their own nature art. Like Goldsworthy, we took photos of their ephemeral, or temporary art, using their shadows to get better images.

Caterpillar made brakes for the wagon that we tested out on the hill. They work!

Agouti has written many recipes at the candy shop.

Snowflake and her sculpture, made with Ant's help.