Snow and Ice

What a week of winter exploration! We noticed changes in snow texture and slipperiness from one day to the next. Agouti loved using sticks and trowels as pickaxes to help him climb the snow mountain. This led to discussions of other uses for picks, such as archaeology. We also used an ice augur to drill into the ice. We made predictions about how thick the ice would be, but it's so thick that we didn't reach water yet! One morning, a deer left a gift of scat in our Nest. Ant noticed it looked like rabbit scat, and Moon thought it looked like beans.

Icicle and Moon build a den for the coyote family as Ant looks on.

Snowflake and Ant, aliens from Zeptune where candy is the only food, are getting all tangled up on the "weedle water."

Caterpillar notices his trowel's edge is serrated like a knife; Agouti has just climbed the mountain with his pickaxes.