Gems and Avalanches


Moon and I enjoy a story together at snack time.


We use pipettes to mix colors to add to snow and water and make more colorful ice gems. Agouti observes that water on snow makes ice. 

We are all excited to be together again after a week off!  We practice working together and caring for each other in many ways while exploring snow and ice.


Agouti is 6! We celebrate his 6 journeys around the Sun with delicious Batman cookies.


We build avalanches, identifying our roles and working together to carry the snowballs to the top of the mountain, then watching them all tumble down.


Ant has made Bob and Wolf each a sweater to keep them warm, and practices communicating in "bobcat." Snowflake has made a colorful woolly bear caterpillar for the Nest, and a megaphone.