Teaching Each Other

So much of the learning that happens is a result of what the children teach each other, or how they problem solve and create together.


Ant and Bob the bobcat explore a log, and oops! Bob slips through a hole and beyond reach inside the log. Icicle and Ant use trowels to saw and pry at a crack and then dig at the base of the log to see if Bob fell out the bottom. Agouti helps Wolf peek in to let Bob know help is on the way. Icicle helps lower the log to the ground, and Moon and Snowflake suspect that Bob might fall out of a hole if we can tip the log the right way. We all try, and it works! Agouti comments, "I would have been screaming if I was stuck in there." But he thought that knowing Wolf was there probably helped Bob feel better. 


Other examples of peer teaching: Agouti observes that Icicle's name starts with a vowel, and so does his and Ant's. Later he writes all the vowels on the wall.


Ant, ever sensitive to everyone's feelings, tries to help two friends with a conflict, and observes, "These two forts are special in different ways," and then explains why each is special.


In the middle of cooking baby stew and chocolate covered gummy dinosaurs, Icicle stops us all with one word: "Pattern!" He has noticed a beautiful pattern of triangles like stained glass in one of the colored ice bricks, and we all pause to admire it.


Ant, Icicle, and Agouti work on how to attach the rope to the log in order to raise it up the mountain.


Brick and snow art with Moon! Will it still be there on Monday?


Moon and Snowflake examine one of many holes in the bat cave mountain. They become chickadees, using tweezers as beaks to pick up pom pom food. "What is a chickadee?" asks Moon. "It's a bird with a black cap. There are two kinds," answers Snowflake.