Muddy, Messy...Marvelous!

The joyful, changeable weather of winterspring is upon us! We notice warmer temperatures. Icicle has mounted a stick in the snow to hang his thermometer, and observes that the temperature is over 40 degrees.


At a place we call the beaver lodge, we noticed how the ice changed over the week. Moon is testing the ice with her stick to see where she can poke through and measure the depth of the water. Some places are deeper than others! We measure how tall our boots are as well so we know how deep of water we can step in. But there are suprises! As Agouti notices, some ice is strong enough for our sticks but not strong enough for us.


Later in the week there is more open water at the beaver lodge which becomes a giant pot for a spring stew of sticks, bark, and loose dirt.


And we finish the week with marvelous mud! Snowflake and Agouti take very muddy wolves across the water in a canoe. Ant and Icicle make mud chili, brownies, and cocoa at their restaurant. And while taking a break from mud, the Ice Cream Eagles collaboratively read a favorite book.