Reflecting on Change

What a magical time of year, so rich in opportunities for observation, comparison, and celebration. One day Icicle checked the thermometer that we had hung on a tree in the sun and informed us that it was "Snowman (8) zero degrees!" 


We reflected on other changes as we returned to some favorite places. Agouti and Icicle recalled that long ago, last fall, the candy shop was called the office, then Home Depot. Moon looked for the tree she had painted with Snowflake last fall and discovered the chalk marks are still there! Agouti finds the pieces of a tree cookie puzzle are still in the candy shop and carefully fits them together, creating a new candy cutter. 


With the warmer temperatures we are relishing a shift in activities. On multiple days we read three stories in a row! We are journaling more, using tools like hole punches, and creating clothing and cozy bundles for our dear animal friends. What changes will next week bring?