Teamwork and Sticky Snow

As we march slowly into spring, winter decided to gift us with a (last?) perfect, ephemeral snowfall that completely absorbed us in a collaborative creation. 


While the others begin their snow construction work, Moon is busy at her sweets shop making cake and ice cream for the workers, asking me "What are you?" so she can accommodate my dietary needs. 


Snowflake takes on the role of gathering snow using gutters as shovels. She says, "I bet they used gutters in the olden days, before they had shovels." 


Once the snow has been gathered, Agouti needs to smash it, then Ant sends it down the gutter to Icicle, who with the help of others, meticulously packs the snow to build the robot.  


While Agouti and Ant work, Icicle runs to Moon's sweet shop for some cake. 


When there is a conflict over use of one of the gutters, Ant says, "I have a great idea!" and begins using the pot in order to gather larger amounts of snow. I roll a snowball for the project and the whole group sets to work pulverizing it. Some children have raised their balaclavas over their eyes as protection from the flying snow. 


Once the snowball has been crushed, all work to complete the robot. 


That beautiful snow has quickly disappeared. But maybe it has a bit of magic to it like Frosty the Snowman and will return to us again next year!

IMG_20210317_1Ms sweet shop.jpg
IMG_20210317_2whole process.jpg
IMG_20210317_3AA wk I to sweets.jpg
IMG_20210317_4Snowball crushing.jpg
IMG_20210317_5Building robot.jpg