100 Hours Outside

We have completed our 100th hour outside in 2021 so we have been celebrating all week. Our next goal, according to Agouti, is 1,000,000 hours outside!


On Monday: we counted to 100 while walking from the courtyard. Most predicted we would not  make it to the Nest and they were right! We reached 100 about halfway up the Hill of Awesomeness. 


On Tuesday: we talked about the largest animal on planet Earth, the 100-foot long blue whale. Together we measured and marked 10 feet on our rope so we can use it to measure out 100 feet and find out if a blue whale could fit in our pond. Next week we'll find out!


On a very drippy Wednesday: Ant and I each counted 50 drops dripping into our containers. Together we made 100 drips. 


On Thursday: we re-read a favorite book, How Much Is a Million, and compared our collections of 100 things.

IMG_20210324_Log teamwk.jpg

Ant, Snowflake, and Moon lift a heavy log.


We explore shapes and construction with 100 toothpicks and marshmallows.


MNP's logo, courtesy of Snowflake!


Icicle, Ant, and Agouti make drip art: "It looks like a sunset!"