Beaches and Fishing, Signs of Spring!

While the weather showed us spring's variability, we celebrated spring's progress with hikes to new destinations. On our trip to Wirth Lake beach with our beloved animal figures, we gave them boats to float in, only to discover that the wind wanted to take them on a ride across the lake. Here, Bob is rescued. Whew! 


After that, activity shifted towards building a safe sandy home for the animals. Moon bathed fawn, who lived at the dump and got very dirty. Icicle dug several rooms and worked with Ant to dig a trench down to the water. Agouti and Snowflake built an island out in the lake with a causeway to reach it and a hurricane detecting station. Ever thinking of weather, Agouti swirled his feet through the water and said, "I'm making tsunamis for the fish!" 


We also made fishing poles and spears and tested them out at the pond. We wondered about the habits of the fish that might live in the pond and how to get fishing line to sink. Icicle speared several leafy fish! 


A big congratulations to all of our hardy deep winter students! And onward we march into spring!