Birds and Habitats

As spring unfolds around us, we welcome a new friend, Elm, to the Ice Cream Eagles. And on one of our first days, we see a large bird fly over us. What is it? "I think I saw white on its head," says Agouti. "I think it's an eagle," says Snowflake.


Down at the pond, we notice it is quite muddy along the shore. Perfect for cooking! Snowflake, Elm, and Moon get very interested in waterfowl, observing mallards, wood ducks, and Canada geese as they swim and feed, listening to their calls on my phone, and examining bird guides.


Together, we read the story walk, The Salamander Room, about a boy who transforms his room into a habitat for a salamander. In the courtyard, we discover many places where soil critters are hiding. Moon sorts them by size, Snowflake wants to compare features, Agouti examines them with a magnifier and notices how much bigger they look, and Icicle and Ant make a habitat for them. "What's a habitat?" asks Elm. "It's a place where animals can live," answers Icicle. Their worm habitat has a ring of rocks to protect from predators, leaves for blankets and hiding places, and a curl of bark to play on.


We even startle a vole in the courtyard and collaborate to build a trap. So much life to discover in spring!