The Wonders of Springtime!

Life is waking up before us, offering us so many opportunities to explore and learn. We've continued our exploration of habitats, discovering a tiny chorus frog singing all alone in the courtyard! The many holes we are noticing lead us to speculate on animals that may live there, or the possibility of long buried treasures and pirate lairs. At the pond habitat, we scooped with nets. We didn't find the fish we had hoped for, but did find tiny water critters, among them mosquito or midge pupae, also called tumblers. 


We also explored the pine forest and its fort that Agouti said could be an eagle's nest. Snowflake and Moon wondered why they couldn't find any worms when digging there. And we had a special surprise--there was a prairie burn happening in the wildflower garden and we had front row seats! Watching the flames, smoke, and fireworkers, we talked about safety, why the prairie was burning, and what happens to the animals.


To celebrate Earth Day, we raked leaves to keep them out of the storm sewers, and we expressed our gratitude to nature by offering pinches of dried flowers to trees, logs, and plants.


Elm receives surgery. 


Snowflake, Icicle, Ant, and Agouti paint at the candy shop.