Spring Has Sprung!

As Icicle reminded us, in 4 short weeks our school year will be over! And we plan to make the most of it while nature burst into bloom around us.


The Ice Cream Eagles returned to Eloise Butler garden to find out how the prairie looked after the recent burn. On the way we practiced reading words on scavenger hunt cards and finding examples of tiny, huge, stripey, orange, yellow, and soft around us. The group was impressed by the large seed pods scattered on the ground from the Kentucky Coffeetree (yes, you can make a decaf coffee beverage from its beans!). 


After we completed the one-way loop through the garden and had returned to the starting point, Elm looked at the trail and noticed that, "When we started, we went that way and now we're coming from this way!" Snowflake pointed to where we were on the map--"See, there's this bench and that bench,"--and discussed with the others which paths we had taken. 


Spring has been showing itself more and more. On a visit to the creek and pond, we heard and saw frogs and did some fishing. Dandelions are blooming everywhere and are used in a multitude of ways--in bouquets for patients in our nature hospital as well as for teachers and parents, in medicines for recovering patients, and in the birthday cake for Baby Wolf. (photo) And I saw at least five sets of toes that had freed themselves from boots and socks to run happily across the grass. What joys await us in May?


Ant is exploring life as a koala-sloth.


Moon, Snowflake, and Elm draw and exchange pictures. They all want a picture of Pinky, Elm's special stuffie who she misses. 


Elm invites me to her repair shop and fixes up a new cell phone for me. It has an enormous screen and works like a dream.