Life at the Pond, Homes in the Woods

Our exploration of animals and their homes includes many stops at the lively pond. We often pause to count the turtles sitting on logs and check in on the new batch of ducklings. "It's a Mama wood duck," says Moon. "But where is Papa wood duck?" wonder Snowflake and Ant.


While scooping for small invertebrates in the pond, we see many toads paired up, hugging each other so tightly that it's hard to tell them apart. They are leaving behind long gelatinous strands of eggs, and we've accidentally pulled strands out of the water where they won't survive. Carefully, we rescue as many as we can, returning them to the water.


Perhaps the nesting instinct is contagious, but the Eagles begin building homes too, at the number one secret hideout as well as the oak savanna. While Elm gathers grasses for her home, Snowflake and Ant outline their home with sticks. Moon works with me to make a cardinal nest, and Agouti and Icicle build a delicately balanced cabin for stuffed animals.


Along the way we find time for singing and parachute play with Pam's group, searching for soil critters, and discussing types of lightning and storm safety. We also celebrate Agouti's last day with us. We will miss him next week, but play dates are already in the works!


Photos: The Eagles observe Anwâtin Pond; Elm mails a wood chip letter, inspiring a letter writing campaign; Icicle and Agouti are deeply involved in discussing and drawing plans; Ant and Snowflake come up with a better way to carry gear; we meet a false map turtle and learn about its adaptations.