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Assemble a Snow Sensory Bin 

Sensory tables are great for children of all ages; infants learn from exploring textures, toddlers develop fine motor skills, and preschoolers exercise creative thinking through novel play.


To build a snowy scene in your sensory table (or bowl, cake pan, 9x13 baking sheet, etc) put on some gloves and go outside to see what natural materials you can find! Maybe you can find pine boughs, small twigs, rocks, or dead leaves. Tip: Using a small cooler allows for longer lasting play and easy clean up.


Set up your materials in your snow landscape--what can you build? What animals might live there? What objects from around your house could you add to your habitat?


As the snow begins to melt, find ways to incorporate the natural changes into your story. Extend your learning by noticing what makes the snow melt faster and how the textures change!

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