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Sprout Experiment 

In this story, Toad plants some seeds and tries different ways to help them grow. He reads them stories, sings to them, reads them poems and plays music for them. Let's see if any of those tricks work for us!

A few weeks ago teacher Sarah shared with us how to plant seeds. If you have already planted seeds, you can use those, or you can start some new ones! If you want to start with new seeds, go look at teacher Sarah's post on seed starting


  1. After your seeds are planted, split them into two groups. The first set of seeds will get water and sunlight. 

  2. Choose one of the following: tell a story, sing a song, read a poem, or play music. The second set of seeds will get water, sunlight and whichever one of these four activities you chose. 

  3. Water all of your seeds each day. After you're done watering, tell a story/sing a song/read a poem/play music for your second set of seeds. 

  4. Make a hypothesis. Which set of seeds will sprout first? If your seeds were already sprouting when you started this, which set of plants do you think will grow faster? Or will they all grow at the same rate?

  5. Notice if there is a difference in how the plants grow!

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