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Welcome Nature Kids and Families!


Here is a picture of my face with a mask on, can you tell I'm smiling underneath? 

Hello! My name is Teacher Sarah and I will be the base camp leader for a few of our nature preschool small groups, including:

  • Coyotes (M-F am)

  • Red Foxes (M/W pm)

  • Gray Foxes (T/H pm)

I set up this class page in order for you to get to know a little bit more about me and to help you feel prepared for the upcoming school year. We are going to have so much fun building community, exploring, learning and adventuring together. I can't wait!

I have been involved with the Minneapolis Nature Preschool since our first winter camp in January 2018 before we officially became a school. Over the years I've taken on many roles here. In addition to being a Teacher, I am the Creative Specialist of our school and a Bryn Mawr-Anwatin School Forest Naturalist. I designed and maintain our website, admin our social media pages and I am a proud parent of a MNP graduate (class of 2019)!


Me and my little one on her graduation day from Minneapolis Nature Preschool.


Teacher Jill and I set up a temporary sign in the Welcome Woods.

Singing in the rain on a lovely fall morning!

Our base camp is in The Den!

This is a sweet space tucked away in the forest near Anwâtin Pond on Okawiŋȟya Čhankú (this is pronounced ohkah-ween-hheeyah chank-oooh), which translates to Circular Path in our forest's first language, Dakhóta. 

Our basecamp has a fun sliding hill we call "The Mountain," a rainbow fort and we are in the process of building "The Cave," a legit rustic outdoor shelter! There is also a "Mini-Den" full of treasures. See if you can find who lives there the next time you visit!


Our amazing staff! Teachers Jill, Maia, Elizabeth, Sarah, Sharon, Erin and Director Alyson. 

In the fall, we will begin our day as a large group with no more than 18 children in the Courtyard. We will always maintain our 1:6 ratio, so we will have three teachers available for our safety check/large group meeting. We will then head into the forest for hikes, field trips, adventures and break into our small groups for snack, base camp activities and reflection time.  

As a nature-based school, our rituals and routines move with the seasons, as winter approaches slight changes in our daily schedule will allow for us to stay safe and comfortable in the outdoors. 

Looking forward to meeting you and your child(ren) soon.

Let the fun begin!

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