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Hug a Tree!

Quinn tree hugging.jpg
Have you ever heard of forest bathing?

Many of you already do this activity! Forest bathing is the act of being in nature and using your senses to experience it. Parents, check out this article if you have time. This is a sweet activity for people of all ages and can be useful for lowering our blood pressure, stress, and anxiety levels.


Forest bathing is good for everyone! So today, our challenge to you and your families is to go find a tree and give it some love. Hug, smell, pet, listen, talk, water, and love on your special tree. If you and your child are really loving this activity, stroll quietly through a yard or park and observe nature quietly, taking deep breaths as you go along. Try and put any to-do lists out of your mind and just enjoy the peace.

Tree huggers.jpg
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