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What Happens to It in the Water?


  • Plastic tub or bucket filled with water

  • Tray, bin or towel to hold items

  • Various objects of different size, shape, density (sticks, rocks, leaves, pinecones, marbles, packing peanuts, plastic easter eggs, or whatever you have available!)

  • Paper and something to write with



  1. Set up your items in a spare bin or on a tray or towel.

  2. On the paper, create a chart with three columns labeled Items, Predictions, and Results.

  3. Fill your tub with enough water to submerge the items.

  4. Have your child select an item. Ask, "what do you think will happen when it goes in the water?" Write down the prediction on the chart. 

  5. Put the item in the water and observe what happens! Ask your child to describe what they notice. 

  6. Read the prediction back to the child and ask if it was correct. Write down the result on the chart. 

  7. Continue for as long as you like!

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