The Land

We are on Dakota treaty lands. 

Minneapolis Nature Preschool is located on the occupied homelands of the Mdewákhaŋthuŋwaŋ, Wahpékhute, Waȟpéthuŋwaŋ and Sisíthuŋwaŋ Dakhóta Oyáte in Bdeóta Othúŋwe (many lakes city), Mní Sota Makhóčhe (land where the water reflects the clouds). Now commonly referred to as Minneapolis, Minnesota. 


As a land-based program, our land statement continues to evolve - as well as our understanding of history, colonialism, genocide and systemic violence. The Dakota Peoples have been here for thousands of years. Though exiled by the U.S. Government through colonial borders, forced relocations, broken treaty promises and continued erasure, the Dakota Nation will always be the original protectors and knowledge keepers of this ecosystem since before time memory, presently and in our future.

As an organization, we believe in the Indigenous sovereignty of all Native Nations. We are committed to supporting and amplifying the work of Indigenous leaders, creatives and educators; distributing wealth to Native-led organizations; and prioritizing our enrollment and scholarship opportunities for Indigenous children and families.