Meet Our Staff

Alyson Quinn


Alyson is an educator who strives to connect all young people with nature. She has worked teaching science in Minneapolis, as well as led young people in work and service programs across the US and Latin America. Alyson spends her time with family exploring the woods and community near their home in Minneapolis.  Se habla español.

Sarah Amado

Creative Specialist 

Sarah is an environmental educator and multimedia artist. They hold a MAEd degree in Natural Science and Environmental Education with a focus on healing developmental trauma through ecological co-regulation. They have been working in the field of education and positive youth development since 2005.

When they're not posting funny cat memes or writing about the importance of land repatriation on social media #landback, you'll find Sarah biking on the greenway, singing, mosiacing, hiking. creating land art and gardening with their wife and child. 

Se habla español.

Erin Bergevin

Nature Preschool Teacher

Erin is thrilled to be a part of the Minneapolis Nature Preschool team! She has undergraduate degrees from Vassar College in Developmental Psychology and German Studies and a Master of Arts in Education degree from Hamline University. Erin has been an early childhood educator since 2011.

She loves exploring alongside children and seeing them develop new skills, expand their confidence, and construct their own knowledge through hands-on experiences with their environment. Her passion is fostering children's emotional intelligence through relationship-building, social justice education, mindfulness, and appreciation of nature.

Jill Druckman


Jill has been a naturalist from day one. She was raised in rural Minnesota where she and her siblings would roam and explore their family’s land. The natural world had such a powerful impact on her as a young person that she attended the University of Minnesota and earned a B.S. in Environmental Education and Forestry so she could foster the love of our natural world in others. Over the last 20 years she’s held naturalist positions at Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board, The Raptor Center, Minnesota Children’s Museum, and Three Rivers Park District. She is beyond excited to have the opportunity to be able to connect our youngest learners to nature!

Most days you’ll find Jill instilling the love of all things nature in her own children. She loves camping, hiking, bird watching, raising Monarchs, gardening, geocaching, tending to her pets, and reading.