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Daily Schedule

Sample Fall & Spring Schedule

8:30am - Arrival

9:15am - Morning Meeting

9:30am - Phenology Hike, Outdoor Exploration and Free Play

10:15am - Snack 

10:45 am - Small group or hike

11:15am - Story and Reflection

11:30am - Goodbye

Sample Deep Winter Schedule

8:30am - Arrival in Courtyard

8:45am - Morning Meeting

9:00am - Phenology Hike/Large motor

10:15am - Snack

10:45am - Small group or explore - or occasional indoor specialist

11:15am - Story & Reflection

11:30am - Goodbye

*Due to Covid-19, MNP has transitioned to a fully outdoor program. Small groups may come in for short periods of time, masked indoors.

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